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Squash Racket Strings: Your Key to a Good Squash Game

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Did you know that most people who play squash assume that they only need the best squash rackets to play their best game? If you are a pro, I am sure you know better by now. Just like tennis, badminton, and any other ball game, the string on the racket you are using plays a very big role in making a game successful or not.

So, what factors can the condition of your racket’s string contribute or withhold in the game you play.

1. Comfortability in the game

The number of strings and how tight the strings are strung are both very important in playing a comfortable and successful squash game. When the string on your squash racket is open or has very few strings installed, you must expect a lesser impact and greater strength requirement. On the other hand, if you have a squash racket with more strings in it, with a great tension applied in the training process, you will surely have a more comfortable game given that the impact when the ball hits is greater and lesser strength needed on the layers part.

2. Power of rebound

When playing squash, most players religiously observe the tension on the string of the squash racket because they know how it affects the game’s performance. The more tension on the string provides a greater rebound of the ball, while a lesser tension results in a more delayed ball rebound. In squash rackets, more tension is also preferred to ensure more strong shots are thrown while playing the game.

3. Spin of the ball

In a squash racket, many prefer a more open pattern of the strings. This is observed because it helps in emphasizing spin control when playing a squash racket game. When you have an open patterned squash racket, you can have a greater chance of having a strong impact on the other player. However, the downside of opting for an open pattern string is how you need to exert more energy and effort in hitting the ball. More than that, you should also expect a better result with your concern on bidirectional issues.

So when should you have your squash racket restrung?

There is a known rule in squash emphasizing how often you should invest in restringing your squash racket. Just count how many hours you invest in playing squash, and as you count, apply that same number to the number of times you should visit a restring pro. If you don’t play much, you can spend at least four times restring your squash racket.

Just like tennis, the tension on your squash racket should still rely on the comfort ability to player feels as he or she holds his or her racket on the game. However, if you are concerned about where you should lean towards, more tension or less, then opt for an in-between. Through doing so, you can better have control as well as power.

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